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Version: VAST v3.1


The ascii format renders data according to VAST's value syntax. A value is a data literal that makes easy to infer its type. The main value is that it represents a maximally condensend view of heterogeneous data. Think of it like NDJSON, but without field names.

For example, is an IP address literal, whereas "" is a string literals. Type inference isn't always possible, e.g., in the case of empty lists ([]).


Use export ascii to render data in textual form:

vast export ascii '#type == /.*/'
<2011-08-14T05:38:53.914038, 929669869939483, null, null, null,, 138,, 138, "UDP", "flow", null, 2, 0, 486, 0, 2011-08-12T12:53:47.928539, 2011-08-12T12:53:47.928552, 0, "new", "timeout", F, "failed">
<2011-08-12T13:00:36.378914, 269421754201300, 22569, null, null,, 1027,, 80, "TCP", "http", null, "", "/service/check2?appid=%7B430FD4D0-B729-4F61-AA34-91526481799D%7D&appversion=", null, "Google Update/;winhttp", null, "GET", null, "HTTP/1.1", null, null, 0, 0>