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You can obtain various artifacts of VAST along the CD pipeline.

Source Code

Get the source code by cloning our Git repository or downloading an archive.


Use git to clone our repository hosted on GitHub:

git clone --recursive

You can check out the stable branch to get the latest released version:

cd vast
git checkout stable


Download a zip Archive of the latest release or the current development version:


We offer pre-built versions of VAST containing a statically linked binary, for the latest release and the current development version.

Generic Linux


We also offer prebuilt statically linked binaries for every Git commit to the master branch.

version="$(git describe --abbrev=10 --long --dirty --match='v[0-9]*')"
curl -fsSL "${version}-linux-static.tar.gz"


Our repository contains a flake.nix that provides a VAST as an app, you can use vast = "github:tenzir/vast/stable" as an input in your own flake or just try it out with:

nix run github:tenzir/vast/stable


Our CI builds Docker images for the latest release and the current development version.


You can download pre-built Docker images from Docker Hub.

Read our Docker instructions for more details on using Docker.