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Consumes events by combining a connector and a format.


to <connector> [write <format>]
write <format> [to <connector>]


The to operator consumes events at the end of a pipeline by bringing together a connector and a format.

Some connectors have a default format, and some formats have a default connector. This enables a shorter syntax, e.g., write json uses the stdout connector and to stdout the json format.

The to operator is a pipeline under the hood. For most cases, it is equal to print <format> | save <connector>. However, for some combinations of connectors and formats the underlying pipeline is a lot more complex. We recommend always using to or write over print and save.


The connector used to save bytes.

Some connectors have connector-specific options. Please refer to the documentation of the individual connectors for more information.


The format used to print events to bytes.

Some formats have format-specific options. Please refer to the documentation of the individual formats for more information.


Write events to stdout formatted as CSV.

to stdout write csv

Write events to the file path/to/eve.json formatted as JSON.

write json to file path/to/eve.json