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Request for Comments (RFC)

We cultivate an open RFC process around evolutionary topics relating to VAST. The objective is to encourage participation of the community in the process.

For this reason, we include RFCs in the VAST repository in the top-level rfc directory. Engaging with an open RFC centers around the discussion in pull requests, which we describe below.

For all RFCs, we aim for an acceptance period of 30 days.

Provide comments to an open RFC

Every RFC has a corresponding pull request with an rfp label.

Here are the direct links to open, closed, or all RFC pull requests:

Add a new RFC

The workflow to add a new RFC works as follows:

  1. Create a new RFC directory (increase the counter) and copy the template:

    # Assumption: the last proposal is 041-proposal
    mkdir 042-proposal-name
    cp -r 000-template 042-proposal-name
  2. Write the proposal in GitHub Flavored Markdown.

  3. Open a pull request and add the rfp label.

  4. Share the pull request in the Community Slack and other stake holders that may provide valuable feedback.

  5. Actively drive the discussion forward and point out the expected date of closure to keep a healthy engagement. Aim for resolving all outstanding discussion threads close to the targeted acceptance date.

  6. Merge the pull request once the discussion plateaus and all comments have been resolved.

In you need to re-open the discussion after a pull request has been merged, create a follow-up pull request with the proposed changes.