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We maintain automatically generated changelog that contains noteworthy user-facing changes.

The procedure for adding a changelog entry looks as follows.

  1. Open your pull request with your proposed changes
  2. Go to the changelog directory in the top-level repository directory and navigate to the next sub-directory.
  3. Choose a category for your changes and go to the corresponding sub-directory:
    • Featurefeatures
    • Bug Fixbug-fixes
    • Changechanges
    • Breaking Changebreaking-changes
  4. Add a file with the following filename structure: X1[-X2-...-Xn][--Y].md. where X is either a PR number in the tenzir/vast repository or a GitHub account name. We only include account names for external contributions outside from the VAST core team. Everything after the two dashes -- is an optional description to clarify what the change was about.

Every installation and build of VAST contains the amalgamated file. To view that directly, open path/to/build/ for your VAST build.